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We would love to hear from you as to your experience with our church and any suggestions you may have for our continued growth and service to our community.

Please don't forget to share your miracles!

Pastor Phil,

What a blessing I received Sunday at your Place for Miracles. Thanks for being yourself and letting God use you for the betterment of man.



...Just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed and appreciated your service to the community and my Spiritual Awakening at "A Place for Miracles."

 The love that you have shown in each one of your sermons of your Musical Ministry has been really superb....I want you to know how much I appreciate all your support for me personally and the community and anything that we can do to try to rebuild and retool, please let us know.

All the best...Alice and Patrick 1/17/16

To Pastors Phil and Mirkalice,

Mike and I, while not being able to attend every Sunday loved Pastor Phil's musical ministry - he is able to make us laugh with his stories and make us cry with his songs. After church we would walk into the world with a lighter heart and joyful spirit....

Your message [Pastor Mirkalice] based on The Course helped elevate our spiritual understanding. Your message was always poignant and meaningful.

THANK YOU for your sacrifice, thank you for sharing yourself so openly, thank you for YOU!!! We love you and hope that your life is blessed with more wonderful things. Your spirit shines bright. You are BELOVED. Much love and gratitude. Mike and Paula 1/18/16

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