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                                             WE ARE HERE TO SERVE GOD
                               BY SERVING YOU THROUGH OUR PROGRAMS



Contact Pastor Mirkalice at

*Sunday Service

From 11 AM to Noon followed by potluck lunch.

A wonderful opportunity to focus on miracles

and keep connected with the Church family.

Held at a private residence and online on Facebook Messenger. 


A Course In Miracles Healers Group

Held the 1st Monday of the month 

from 11 AM until 12:30 PM at a private residence.

A spiritual program designed to remove the blocks

to our own healing so that we may

become miracle workers for Jesus.

You must have a good understanding

of the principles of A Course In Miracles.


*Clearing the Path to Miracles

By Appointment Only on a Donation Basis

A laying on of hands, one hour session by Pastor Mirkalice

to uncover problematic issues that are blocking your awareness

of God's Presence and which are then given over to the Holy Spirit.


*From Grief to Grace

By Appointment Only on a Donation Basis

  Provides spiritual support to not only deal with loss

but to overcome it through the power of the Holy Spirit.

A group will be formed at your home or other venue 

to accommodate your family's needs.

Individual spiritual counseling also available.



Contact Pastor Kay at

Attitudinal Healing Support Groups

Please contact Pastor Kay for time and location.

"Attitudinal Healing is based on the principle that

it is not other people or situations that cause us distress.

Rather, it is our own thoughts and attitudes that

are responsible for our distress, and the actions we take

as a result of those thoughts and attitudes can hurt us.

Healing results when we concentrate on changing our own attitudes

rather than trying to change the attitudes of others.

Thus, the goal of Attitudinal Healing is self-healing

in the face of each life challenge.

Attitudinal Healing is not a religion, nor is it religious.

People from many cultures, faiths, and denominations,

as well as those who follow no faith at all are welcome to participate."

From Love Is Letting Go of Fear by Gerald Jampolsky, M.D., 2005 edition.

Watch "What is Attitudinal Healing" on:


*Aramaic Bible Classes

*Spiritual Counseling

*Prayers for Healing

*Hospital and Home Visits

*Homegoing Celebrations

*Baby Blessings

*Home/Office Blessings

*Community Service


Your tax deductible donations help support these services.

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