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A Place for Miracles Las Vegas

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His light isn't just from the spotlights but from the love he gives and receives.
Our church has made "All of Me" its signature song as we want to
give all of ourselves to God just as He gives all o
f Himself to us!





Christmas, 2014

Bobby Gore chanting the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic, the language of Jesus

Pastor Phil and son,

Lana King, our line dance instructor and facilitator of A Course In Miracles classes and teen empowerment group

Balloon releasing ceremony at our dear Suzette's Home Going Celebration,
March 21, 2015

Rev. Janet Miller and Pastor Phil want to marry you!

Easter Sunrise Service at Red Rock Overlook, April 5, 2015.  A cold and windy morning full of joy and praise!

Margie Springer and our kids dancing and having fun!

Adrienne Donel and her excellent dance partner!

Mother's Day 2015

Our youngest dancer gets a twirl!

Frank McKenna, what would we do without you--our  Sound Tech, Mr. Fix-It, and Chauffeur!  Our own MacGyver!

Phillip and Dazzeli showing off their dancing skills.

Father's Day 2015

Praising God
for His Love!

Thank you, Nicole, for your beautiful duet with your brother Kyle!

Pastor Phil at your service!

Pastor Phil giving a beautiful message on Father's Day 2015 about the day he was given a son.

Susan Crutcher, assisted by
Phillip, performs one of her inspiring spiritual dances during which the Holy Spirit's Presence can be felt in the room!
Pastor Phil and husband Bob Nole at The Center celebrating the Supreme Court decision for gay marriage

       June 26, 2015

Pastor Phil leads us in the National Anthem at The Center
Our Sunday Services always include line dancing for the joy of being together in the Presence of the Lord!
June 28, 2015
Pastor Phil and
Marilyn Saenz

Line Dance Party
July 11, 2015

Pastor Mirkalice and son Bobby celebrate the Supreme Court's decision

Nothing better than hearing Pastor Phil sing "We Are Family" on this momentous occasion!

Bobby and Bob Gore sharing a 

father and son


Pastor Phil with
Mike Mount and
Paula Leo

Lana King leading the fun!

Paula and Mike
"swinging it"!

Must be distant cousins!  Bobby Gore and Ashley Gore are happy to meet on July 10,

Pastor Phil's cousin, Maurice Gore, and wife Peggy visiting
from back east on July 12, 2015

Proud Papas, Pastor Phil and Bob, invited the congregation to celebrate
Phillip's 16th birthday on July 18, 2015

Pastor Phil on
August 2, 2015,  giving
an inspiring sermon the
day before his lumbar

Pastor Phil on
August 9, 2015,
just six days after
his surgery.
A true miracle that
he is able to walk
around and also give us a beautiful
Service. Patricia
Polk looks on.

Patrick and Tracy Steele, the first couple to be married at our church!  Such a loving couple!
August 16, 2015

Visiting Luxie is always a joy as she is so loving and so positive.  In the center photo she surprises Pastor Phil by standing up by herself from the wheelchair. Later she thanks him for the love and support he gave her and knows that his prayers and the prayers of the church helped her become cancer-free.

On September 20, 2015, Pastor Phil reads commendation by D'Andre's school acknowledging his role in saving two children from being kidnapped.

Pastor Mirkalice's daughter,

Melissa, visits from NYC

on October 4, 2015

October 10, 2015
Baby Shower for
Brianna and Dimitrius
Hines' baby boy.